too many libraries when loading *.so

July 24, 2013

    在加载so库的时候,碰见这个问题,原因是因为加载的so库超过了android系统定义的上限。上限的值定义在bionic/linker/linker.c 的SO_MAX 这个常量上。

    Binoic是android的内核,Bionic imposes a hard limit on the number of shared objects you can load at run time.There are a few ways to work around this issue:

    If you're not using a huge pipeline that actually requires to load a number of plugins at runtime that makes you hit the limit, you can use GST_REGISTRY_REUSE_PLUGIN_SCANNER=no and it should work (This was implemented in GStreamer by commit dd9f244f033ba3978d6ee26d9205d29fdd862d7c, Oct 18/2011 so please check you have a recent enough version).

    If your pipeline is complex enough so it makes you hit the limit no matter what. Then you have two alternatives:

    The first one is to modify Android to change limit. You will be bumping SO_MAX to (for example) 128 in Android's bionic/linker/linker.c and rebuilding with make linker. Then you will need to install this customized version of Android on your device as it's explained in the Installing our bundle on the Nexus S section of this document.

    SO_MAX 的值在不同的 android os 版本上是不同的,估计不同的手机厂商也是会有不同。比较早的版本,比如2.2的,可能会是64或者其他值,4.0,4.1,4.2的,可能是128或者192.修改这个值,可以通过自己修改源码,然后编译,刷机。

    Another option is to explore building the plugins as static libraries. You can find a patch implementing this solution here:

    bionic/linker/linker.c source code :

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