Amazon 发布 New Kindle Paperwhite

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  • 2013-10-08 08:00:07

Amazon 发布了新的Kindle Paperwhite , 带广告版(With Special Offers)119美元,不带广告(Without Special Offers)的是139美元。

从硬件上,使用了更好的显示屏,分辨率(resolution)达到212ppi,使用更快的处理器,快了25%,更快的反应时间,更耐用的电池。从系统软件上,增加了一些新的功能,其中还有两个coming soon的。现在在 Amazon 的官网上可以下单,据说是这个月(9月)底可以发货。当然,这个不包括中国,中国Amazon还没有更新。

总的来说,性价比挺好,不过不够惊喜。现在老版的Kindle paperwhite 是69美元(约422RMB),中国Amazon价格是849元。如果新版的在国内上市,老版的降价的话,我可以考虑买一个玩玩,500块钱左右是我的预期价位。相比国内的其他电纸书,Kindle Paperwhite还是很有竞争力的。之前买过一个盛大的电纸书,哎,不说了,~~

在What's New 里,Amazon共列了9个特点。

1 . New display technology。Higher contrast and better reflectivity means whites are whiter and blacks are blacker.

2 . Next generation built-in light.Guides light toward the surface of the display so you can read comfortably without eystrain.

3 . 25% faster processor .Faster page turns for a seamless reading experience

4 . Better touch technology . 19% tighter touch grid makes Kindle Pagewhite responsed even more accurately to the smallest touches

5 . Kindle Page Flip . Skim through books page-by-page , scan by chapter , or skip to the end without losing your place.

6 . Smart Lookup . Enhanced lookup features integrate a full dictionnary with X-Ray and Wikipedia . Access a wealth of reference information with a single tap .

7 . Vocabulary Builder . Words you look up on Kindle Paperwhite are automatically added to an easy-to-access list , where you can quiz yourself with flashcards

8 . Goodreads integration . COMING SOON - Join over 20 million other readers and see what your friends are reading , share highlights , and rate the books you read with Goodreads on Kindle.

9 . Kindle FreeTime for Paperwhite . COMING SOON - Encourage young readers with a distraction-free reading experience that tracks progress and aards achievements as kids meet their goals.


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