Android 调试工具 dmtracedump

March 22, 2016

Android 调试工具 dmtracedump

dmtracedump 是 Android 提供的另一个调试工具,与 Traceview 区别的是,它是把信息以一个树形的图形展现出来。

dmtracedump is a tool that gives you an alternate way of generating graphical call-stack diagrams from trace log files. The tool uses the Graphviz Dot utility to create the graphical output, so you need to install Graphviz before running dmtracedump.

The dmtracedump tool generates the call stack data as a tree diagram, with each call represented as a node. It shows call flow (from parent node to child nodes) using arrows.

数据的收集与 Traceview 相同,通过在代码里添加调试代码,输出 .trace ,然后使用 dmtracedump 输出一个图形文件,恩,png 格式的,如果你调试信息多的话,这个 png 文件是会很大很大的,对,就是这样子。

dmtracedump 需要使用到另外一个工具,Graphviz Dot,所有在使用 dmtracedump 前需要确认 Graphviz Dot 已经安装。

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