Google 换扁平化风格的logo了

September 22, 2013

Google 启用了新的logo (好像最近很多公司都启用了新的logo,Yahoo 在不久之前也启用了新的logo)。扁平化设计貌似已经是大势所趋了(可以不用“貌似”了),及时是最新的 iOS 7 ,苹果也以一种比较激进的方式,对系统做了很多的修改,使得整个系统更加的扁平化,这个习惯标新立异的公司也随波逐流了。原文标题:Welcome the new Google logo ,原文地址:

Google today changed their logo, the new logo adopts(采取,接受) the flat design with a lighter color scheme(计划,组合,体制). Apart from (除此之外)these, there are no major(主要的) changes on the font style, character color etc.

Along with(与...一起) the new logo, Google also released a new navigation(航海,航行) menu that sits next to the Share and account info. The launcher, which looks just like the app launcher on Chrome OS, brings up(提出,带来) an App grid with your favorite Google services.

除了logo,还有一个新的导航菜单,一个和Chrome OS 的应用启动器相似的菜单,以App Grid 的形式,列出了你喜欢的Google 服务。这应该可以认为是Google 为 Chrome OS 做的一些配合工作。

Actually(实际上), Google wanted to replace the top black navigation bar back in 2011. But they just did some small scale testings for the new change until recently.

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