Android 用户交互之输入控制

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Android 用户交互之输入控制 User Interface Input Controls

输入控制(Input Controls)是应用的用户交互的交互组件。Android 提供了丰富的交互组件,比如 buttons , text fields ,seek bars , checkboxs , zoom buttons , toggle buttons 等等。

Input controls are the interactive components in your app's user interface. Android provides a wide variety of controls you can use in your UI, such as buttons, text fields, seek bars, checkboxes, zoom buttons, toggle buttons, and many more.


Each input control supports a specific set of input events so you can handle events such as when the user enters text or touches a button.

常用的组件有:Button , Text field , Checkbox , Radio button , Toggle button , Spinner , Pickers .


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