Sublime Text 背后的故事

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Sublime Text是一款跨平台的文本编辑器,由一名从Google 离职的员工创立开发的。这家伙离开Google 就是因为想开发这么一款编辑器。这是一种什么样的精神!?看来这家伙以前也是被各种编辑器折腾得够呛,而且估计还有些强迫症,实在受不了了,于是乎必须开发一个完美的编辑器。

Sublime Text is a cross-platform(跨平台) text and source code editor, with a Python application programming interface (API). The graphical user interface design was inspired(有灵感的) by Vim.Its functionality(功能,功能性) is also extendable(可扩展的) with plugins; Post(发布) its release, it gained(获得) much attention(注意力,关心) and wide popularity(普及). Do you know what's the story behind Sublime Text?

Sublime Text 背后的故事

Jon Skinner left his job as a software engineer at Google in order to pursue(追赶,继续,从事) a dream: to build a better text editor. The end result is the popular Sublime Text today. The initial(最初的) version of Sublime Text was released to the public on January 18, 2008. Its GUI is similar to the version we are using today.

The guiding(引导的,控制的) principle of developing Sublime Text are :

Unobtrusive(不唐突的), minimal(最低的,最少的) chrome. The focus should be on the text, not fourteen different toolbars.

Don’t obscure(遮盖) the text with dialogs.

Use the pixels you’ve got. Full screen, multi monitor and editing files side by side should all be possible

By early 2008 there was support for TextMate syntax(语法) files which gave(给予) Sublime Text a nice platform(平台) from which to grow by piggybacking(背着的) on the already(已经) developed TextMate community. TextMate and Sublime Text are similar in that they both have a very minimal aesthetic(美的,美学的) so the switch was easy, especially(特别,尤其) as Sublime Text grew while TextMate seemed to(似乎,好像) stagnate(停滞) even after becoming open source. Over the next four years it would slowly absorb(吸引,理解,承受) a good portion(部分) of the developers who used TextMate by implementing(实现) appealing(吸引人的,动人的) features which were highly requested. The project system, goto anything, robust(强健的) customization(定制,用户化), python plugins and package management of Sublime Text, along with the fact that it was cross platform (Windows, OS X and Linux), really propelled(推动) it through the public alpha in early 2011.

What we currently have is a beautiful editor with rich functionality that people love to use, all thanks to the brave(勇敢的,华丽的) ambition(志向,报复) and ideas of Jon Skinner.

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